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Arizona Working Equitation Club (AZWEC)

A fun “NEW” sport for you and your horse!

  What is Working Equitation (WE)? 

     WE is a fast growing riding competition that anyone can participate in, from beginner to advanced level riders, all breeds, and all disciplines.

     WE is an opportunity to test the skills and abilities of both the horse and rider for the qualities needed in a working environment.  Promoting good horsemanship while allowing people to ride in the traditional tack and attire of their heritage.

     WE is great fun for horses, riders and spectators!

     All breeds of horse are welcome to participate 

What makes up a WE competition? Four “phases”:

1.      Working Dressage (arena flat work)

2.      Ease of Handling (obstacle course)

3.      Speed (timed obstacle course)

4.      Cattle Handling (only at the higher level competitions)

Rules, Obstacles and Dressage Tests

USA Confederation for Working Equitation  --    Rulebook, Appendices and Dressage Tests

Click on the above link for the most current information on rules, obstacles and dressage tests


The AZWEC will be offering monthly events from October-April, check the events schedule for currently scheduled events.

The following links provide helpful information regarding Working Equitation.

Working Equitation Today   A great source for information about WE obstacles, dressage tests and much more....  - be sure to check it out and add yourself to their mailing list.

Working Equitation University

Confederation of Working Equitation

WEIAUSAThe Working Equitation International Association of the USA .


  WE United – Working Equitation United


 WAWEWorld Association for Working Equitation oversees the sport World Wide.  Virtually all competitions in Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Scandinavian countries employ the WAWE rules.

While it is important to have some understanding of the various organizations overseeing WE, participation is more important.  Go to Working Equitation Today's post of State and Local WE Groups and contact them.  Join your Local Club and Facebook feed and participate, that is what really counts.

Arizona Working Equitation Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 65957, Tucson, AZ  85728

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